Rising above the limits

The Belt of a Raging Fame

combating fear, strength, overcoming fears, conquering fears, overcoming health concerns, good health, healthy mind, mind over matter combating fear, strength, overcoming fears, conquering fears, overcoming health concerns, good health, healthy mind, mind over matter
It was a large courtyard, and looks like the former roman empire's large theater arenas. I walked in cold and perplexed and was still wondering how i got here, then all of a sudden a hyena like looking large beast walked in; the shivers came, both grueling & telling, flowing down from the nerve valleys of nightmare's unreality to my bed, then my eye balls popped open to reality.

Did i remember i was dreaming? No! Maybe if i did i would have approached the beast knowing fully well that before we collide in animosity i would prop my brain to wake me up.

But i have defeated animistic affronts in real life scenarios from dog attacks by facing them in a sheer show of magnifying courage. The dogs had to back off & am sure racing away thinking this isn't human.
There are then so many dog like and also fear inducing situations in our lives that we just have to defeat:

  • Fear of being sick - this kills faster than the sickness itself

  • Fear of heartbreak - even iOS has a jailbreak, you can make yours. Please escape. Remember you're a free being; and i mean free

  • Fear of the sack - walk out of that mental state, if you loose your job, that's the perfect avenue to create one

  • Fear of loneliness - the last time i checked, there are 7 billion people & counting on the Earth

  • Fear of betrayal - this often emanates from the revelation of things done in secrecy. Often weigh your options before going into any form of relationship. I'll take specifically about this in later posts

  • Fear of dying - Since i didn't negotiate my coming into the world, the state i was before i attained mortality was not known to me & moreso Only about 93.5% of humans have died (Of the 108 billion people estimated to have lived since the emergence of anatomically modern human beings, 7 billion are still alive.) I have a duty; to live a life full of impact

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While as a young teenager in October 1998, i had unprotected sex with a lady. It was spontaneous, seen her once or twice in the following year and since then till now i have never set my eyes on her.

HIV was raging then, and so FEAR told me i have contracted the dreaded. bottled up in fear

Yes i was careless and nobody should be now; i was bottled in this FEAR silently and through the years it grew like a beast similar to the mean looking one in the caption of this post. I saw most forms of symptoms including hair loss, anxiety disorders, thought i was moving towards EOL (End of Life) until a test killed it 10 years later, which was meant to be it's gestation period. My worst fear was never confirmed, i almost never went back for the test result, but i did & FEAR died and i came to life.

My Friend walk out of every viral entrapment you find yourself in; you're free from every cloud on dark shadows.

Can we change FEAR to something else?


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