The Essential Relationship

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The Word "Essential" from Merriam-Webster Dictionary means something extremely important and necessary; very basic
Also in Sociology the Word "Relationship" from Merriam-Webster Dictionary means:

  • the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other

  • a romantic or sexual friendship between two people

  • the way in which two or more people or things are connected

There are different types of relationships:
Before Womb Relationship

Before Womb Relationship was a start in the relationship between Man and God

In today's walk, we'll be discussing about another type of relationship called

Essential Relationship

Ironically, this relationship controls the other relationships. It is a relationship between Man and His Maker. The Relationship is so powerful, that before Man was placed in the Womb of conception he was already involved in this relationship. See Jeremiah 1:5.
And so therefore, this relationship precedes any other relationship of Man.

This relationship is also Essential to our daily living so much so that the air we breath came from the foundation of this relationship. If the air we breath should seize, all other relationships collapse. See Psalm 104:27-30

It is the First and the Last Relationship, it lingers for eternity. See Isaiah 49:16 and Mathew 28:20
As an individual, i can do to an extent without the other relationships, but i can't do without the Essential Relationship. It is a founding platform for my existence.
Like other relationships, this relationship needs nurturing, is emotions laden and has the capacity to fall apart. Because of these, we like like to take a case study of Biblical examples of essential relationships, it's influence on other relationships and how it ended.

Case Studies of Essential Relationships in the Bible

Job's Essential Relationship

Job's Essential Relationship

1. Job

The summary of this essential relationship can be found in the Book of Job 1:1-3. We can also check Job 42 for the conclusion of the matter.
First & foremost, we can conclude that Job had a wonderful essential relationship with God which culminated into other relationships going smoothly. The Bible says But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mathew 6:33
And so what are the lessons from this relationship;

  1. He had a wonderful Intimate Relationship between him and his family as can be seen in Book of Job 1:3

  2. He had a wonderful Interpersonal Relationship between him and his great household Job 1:3a

  3. He had a wonderful Social relationship as found in Job1:3b

He initially lost everything as seen in Job 1:14-19, but in Job 42:12, he regained all he lost double. It doesn't matter what you have lost, is it your peace, marriage, job, relationship or whatever good, i pray the Good God shall restore all permanently today in
Jesus Name.
And so Job had double in the concluding part, friend let God be your first and last and you shall never loose anything good again.
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Case Studies of Essential Relationships in the Bible

Abraham, Isaac and Angel

Abraham, Isaac and Angel

2. Abraham

The summary of this essential relationship can be found in Genesis 12:1-4. Like i said earlier, the Essential Relationship is a controlling relationship, in that it can make you forfeit non-rewarding relationships and brings you into rewarding relationships, like Abraham did, and God changed his name.
I don't know what name you have been called before, have you been called disappointment, or failure or a good for nothing? Cheer up you ain't a failure or bad fellow because God has a name for you and its a good one.
So what can we learn from Abraham's other relationships:

  1. Abraham had a semi-good intimate relationship. With his son Isaac fine, but with sarah there was a concubine called Hagar. See Genesis 16:1-4. The Bible didn't state that Abraham asked God before going in unto Hagar. This caused a lot, bringing in envy and strife.
    The same way i can hardly hide my to dos and steps to be taken from my wife, the same way too lets carry God along in all our actions and intending ones.

  2. Abraham also didn't have a wonderful social relationship. He fought war with the kings around him because of an oversight in his own path or because of disobedience. The instruction was for him to leave his kindred, his family and move to a place God was going to show him, see Genesis 12:4; Genesis 14:2;3;12-14, but he allowed Lot to go with him.
    We can see that anytime we neglect our essential relationship we suffer. If at all we have neglected our best friend in this sweet essential relationship, our God is ever ready to forgive us if we truly mean our repentance.

Case Studies of Essential Relationships in the Bible

The Essential relationship between God and Jonah was rocky

The Essential relationship between God and Jonah was rocky

3. Jonah

Jonah's other relationship was not mentioned in the Bible. Read Book of Jonah.
Prophet Jonah tried to evade God's instruction by running away; to where? i wonder. Friends we cannot neglect this essential relationship, we cannot escape.
See Hebrews 2:3
He that spoke to us before we were placed in our mother's womb, how can we now escape when were outside the womb as living physical beings. The womb is a place of instruction, and so therefore God got him into the womb of a whale and spoke to him, expectedly he received light in realizing his mistakes and pleaded for mercy.

Friends, let's not wait until God places us into a womb for instruction purposes before we nurture our essential relationship, because if this relationship is in order, every other relationship will take shape and be in proper harmony.

Thanks for stopping by, God bless you.

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