Using Psychics to Solve Kidnappings

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Jan Joseph has written two exciting mysteries that will enthrall readers, "Lost Boy" and "Vanished: The Search for Sally Hunt."

Her latest novel, "Lost Boy," is about a parent’s worst nightmare. Chicago author Jackie Steinway opens her door to find a scruffy-looking man wielding a gun and demanding her young son, Max. After the boy is kidnapped, he’s forced to assume a new identity in a new location with another family.

An anxious search begins for the kidnapped child. Jackie and her husband, actor Jeff Stanley, work with police to find the kidnapper. Readers are introduced to police detectives Jane Peters and Jimmy Reardon, FBI investigator Tom Avalon, psychic Susan Nelson, and private investigator George Nicholas. Will they be able to find Max?

Characters from the author’s first book, "Vanished: The Search for Sally Hunt," help bring this gripping detective story to life.

It’s no mystery why "Vanished: The Search for Sally Hunt" is a winner. This earlier book by Jan Joseph concerns the disappearance of a young woman who is shrouded in mystery. Police searching for her find nothing but hidden secrets from her past.

Sally’s past includes acquaintance with a psychic who works with the police to find missing persons. So when Sally disappears, a psychic is called upon to help.

Just who is Sally Hunt and why has she "Vanished?"


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