To Thy Mountain HOREB

Elijah Mount Horeb Experience Elijah Mount Horeb Experience

TEXT: 1 Kings 19 v 1 - 8

The journey to the mountain of God is a believer’s walk of faith to achieve divine purpose, fulfilment and spiritual achievement. According to our Bible text, Elijah’s walk to the mountain Horeb highlights some very important spiritual decisions and activities that we need to take which at the end helps us move closer to God. We pray tonight as we study, the Holy Spirit will enlighten us and move us closer to our Mountain of fulfilment in Jesus Name.

Your Mountain Horeb Could be :

  • Deliverance from affliction and infirmity. Mark 2 v 4 -5

  • Deliverance from barrenness. 1 Samuel 1 v 5 - 11

  • Deliverance from your enemies. 1 Kings 19 v 3

  • Deliverance from poverty. 1 Chron. 4 v 10

  • Deliverance from self. Rom. 7 v 24; 1 Cor. 15 v 31; Rom. 8 v 13

Elijah's Walk in the Desert to Mount Horeb

Elijah's Walk in the Desert to Mount Horeb

How do we now get to our Mount Horeb? You Must

  • Flee from every appearance of evil. 1 Kings 19 v 2 – 3; 1 Thess. 5 v 22 - 24
    - Elijah ran away from the appearance of evil jezebel into the scheme of things

  • Drop every baggage and hindrance on your way. 1 Kings 19 v 3; Heb. 12 v 1
    - Elijah left his servant on the way. Abraham left Lot. You too can leave anything that will not let you close to your Horeb of fulfillment.

  • Go the extra mile for God. 1 Kings 19:3a; 1 kings 3:3-4; 2 Sam. 24:24; Mk 12:41
    - After leaving his servant, he still traveled a days extra journey. In giving God, go the extra mile. Until Hannah went the extra mile in her prayer samson did not come.

  • Humble yourself. 2 Chron. 7 v 14; 1 kings 19 v 4c;
    - Remember the Lord has respect unto the lowly. Don't carry yourself in pride. Be humble to everyone you meet.

  • Eat the Word of God. 1 kings 19 :5-6; Ps. 119:103; Ezek. 3 v 3; Rev. 10:10; Jer. 15:16
    - Ezekiel ate the Word of God, Jeremiah did, David also and so should you. Its only then rivers of living water shall flow from our belly. John 7:38

  • Don’t be lazy; seek God’s Word for Strength. 1 Kings 19 v 8; Eph. 3 v 16

  • Seclude yourself, be separate. 1 kings 19 v 9; 2 Cor. 6:17

  • Have discernment of Spirit. 1 Kings 19 v 9; 11 – 13
    - Elijah still heard the voice of God even after the earthquake and storm. The voice of God is sweet and consoling; like a gentle breeze, only a man of spiritual discernment can hear.

  • Be very Jealous for God. 1 kings 19 v 10; John 2 v 16-17; Ps. 69 v 9; Num. 11 v 28 – 29;
    Luke 9 v 53 – 54

  • Be still and silent. Psalm 46 v 10

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In conclusion, remember that whatever your hope , aspirations or expectations are, you are most likely going to go through the Horeb experience in terms of achieving your Godly divine purpose and at the end may we all make Heaven in Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN.


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