Cotton Carrier Introduces Upgraded SlingBelt and Bucket System Line to Keep Cameras Secure and Easily Accessible

slingbelt and cotton carrier slingbelt and cotton carrier
The team at Cotton Carrier launches their new SlingBelt and Bucket System today on Kickstarter. The upgraded line combines the original product line’s patented twist and lock feature that allows the camera to be easily deployed, but securely stored, with the new extra storage features. As photographers themselves, the founders of Cotton Carrier know that having an accessible camera is more than a benefit – it’s imperative to get that beautiful shot. So, they’ve upgraded the sling belt to hold extra gear for photographers while remaining ergonomic and comfortable for anyone who wears it.

“Our goal is single-minded: to provide secure camera-carrying systems that free your hands, and keep your equipment safe and your body mobile,” said Andy Cotton, the Founder of Cotton Carrier. “We do not compromise fit, functionality or design. We want photographers to trust that we are the best. Our new belt brings the same reliability of our current products with more attractive features.”

The SlingBelt and Bucket System is more attractive and functional than the previous product line making it an appealing choice for photographers. This new product line will hold a camera and either a tripod or binoculars for added versatility. The original belt itself has been upgraded too. Photographers can now add an extra holster to accommodate a second camera allowing the user to operate hands-free.

A sling tether helps when shooting for a big event making the camera accessible in a pinch. Cotton Carrier also designed a dry lens bag that can be attached and unclipped with ease to any of their systems to hold extra gear and keep it dry and protected. Custom labeling allows for easy identification of equipment too.

The SlingBelt and Bucket System is available to pre-order at a discounted price of $59 for the belt and sling, and $29 for the bucket and dry bag. To pre-order, visit

About Cotton Carrier:
Founded in 2014, the Cotton Carrier team prides themselves on developing functional, durable and high-quality products for photographers everywhere. All of their products are made of excellent materials and are reliable in any situation. Each product is comfortable and provides accessibility to improve everyone’s photographic experience. They are excited to introduce their newest product, the SlingBelt and Bucket System, a redesigned and reimagined belt that will make the life of any photographer easier. For more information, please visit


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